Private Enterprise Number

The University has been assigned a Private Enterprise Number, which can be used to create unique object identifier (OID) for various applications. The most common applications are in SNMP network management and LDAP schemas, but OIDs are also used in RFC 2865 Vendor Specific Attributes (VSAs) in RADIUS, and in some DHCP options; they can also be used in URNs: see RFC 3001.

The IANA function is responsible for the allocation of Private Enterprise Numbers under the prefix (arc): (

The University of Strathclyde has been assigned a Private Enterprise Number as follows (from the IANA PEN Registry):

7577 University of Strathclyde J R Binks

Hence, the University is granted autonomous management of all OIDs with the prefix (arc):

Delegations may be made to organisational units or projects within the University.


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The following registrations have been made for OID arcs within

University of Strathclyde OID Assignments
OID suffix Usage Notes
0. reserved  
1. management  
10. Information Services  
10.1. Directory services  
10.1.1. Directory service classes See the LDAP namespace
10.1.2. Directory service attributes See the LDAP namespace
11. MIS  
12. DCIS granted early 06
13. EEE  
14. MLE