Radius VSAs

RFC 2865 defines RADIUS attribute 26 as being available for vendors to extend RADIUS with their own vendor-specific attributes. The attribute makes use of the Private Enterprise Number for the vendor.

The University has its own Private Enterprise Number, and hence can make use of the Vendor-Specific Attribute for its own purposes.


For more information, please contact urn-admin@strath.ac.uk.


Radius servers and clients load a dictionary that provides a definition for the attribute, its type, and a user-friendly name. The following line represents an example line from such a dictionary, defining one particular a University of Strathclyde VSA:

VENDORATTR      7577    Strath-LDAP-PersonId    1       string

The following registrations have been made for University of Strathclyde VSAs:

University of Strathclyde Radius VSA Registrations
Name Value Type Usage
Strath-LDAP-PersonId 1 string Mapped from LDAP: strathAcUkPersonID
Strath-LDAP-RegistrationNumber 2 string Mapped from LDAP: strathAcUkRegistrationNumber
Strath-LDAP-department 3 string Mapped from LDAP: department
Strath-LDAP-memberOf 4 string Mapped from LDAP: memberOf
Strath-LDAP-email 5 string Mapped from LDAP: mail
Strath-LDAP-AccountCategory 6 string Mapped from LDAP: strathAcUkAccountCategory
Strath-LDAP-LibraryNumber 7 string Mapped from LDAP: strathAcUkLibraryNumber
Strath-LDAP-msExchHomeServerName 10 string Mapped from LDAP: msExchHomeServerName